Vol 4, No 2-3 (2002)

Table of Contents

Seismology and Engineering Seismology

Focal Depths of Moderate and Large Size Earthquakes in Iran Untitled
A. Maggi, K. Priestley, J. Jackson 1-10
Stabilizing Intermediate-Term Medium-Range Earthquake Predictions Untitled
V.G. Kossobokov, L.L. Romashkova, G.F. Panza, A. Peresan 11-19
Doppler Effect Observed on the Recorded Strong Ground Motions in Iran and Turkey Untitled
Mehdi Zare 21-36

Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering

Laboratory Investigation on Shear Strength Variation of Joint Replicas Due to Low and High Amplitude Cyclic Displacements Untitled
M.K. Jafari, K. Amini Hosseini, M. Boulon, F. Pellet, H. Jalaly, A. Uromeihy, O. Buzzy 37-49

Structural Earthquake Engineering

Earthquake Response of Liquid Storage Tanks with Sliding Systems Untitled
M.K. Shrimali, R.S. Jangid 51-61
Asynchronous and Non-Uniform Support Excitation Analysis of Large Structures Untitled
M.R. Maheri, H. Ghaffar-Zadeh 63-74