Vol 13, No 1 (2011)

Table of Contents

Seismology and Engineering Seismology

Characterization of Long Period Strong Ground Motion Untitled
M. Erdik, M.B. Demircioglu, E. Harmandar 1-15
Paleoearthquakes Determination of Magnitude~6.5 on the North Tehran Fault, Iran Untitled
H. Nazari, J.F. Ritz, A. Ghassemi, K. Bahar-Firouzi, R. Salamati, A. Shafei, M. Fonoudi 17-24

Structural Earthquake Engineering

An Optimal Distribution of Stiffness over the Height of Shear Buildings to Minimize the Seismic Input Energy Untitled
F. Haddad Shargh, M. Hosseini 25-32
Dual Ductility Mode Shear Walls: Concept and Behavior Untitled
M.S.R Labafzadeh, M. Ziyaeifar 33-45

Technical Note

Performance of Unreinforced Masonry Buildings in Canterbury Earthquakes Untitled
Rajesh P. Dhakal 47-63